The Quotable Abigail, Part XXI

On flexibility: “Can I have a candy cane? Or a lollipop. Whatever.”

On whether more monkeys should jump on the bed: “No. I don’t like monkeys jumping on the bed.”

On when she should try on her new pants: “Let’s wait until I’m five years old.”

On the dangers of certain animals: “Oh no! A skunk is pooping on our window!”

On what to ask an imaginary friend, once you’ve got her name: “And what’s your cell phone number?”

On reading aloud from “Goodnight Moon”: “And then the babies went 1, 2, 3, 4, the three bears sat and chairs and then Kylie came to save them.”

On further readings from “Goodnight Moon”: “Then came the mouse king said squeak, squeak, squeak and they slept all night long.”

On “Goodnight Moon” having an expanded cast of characters: “Let’s see what happened to the coyote.”

On attaching a lego-like figure to a boat: “Plug her in. I want her bum plugged in.”

On what she’s going to put in my iced tea: “Bad leafs, but they’re going to be mixed in. Okay?”

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