The Quotable Abigail, Part XXIV

On labor and delivery optimism: “Maybe I’ll catch baby brother!”

On Gabe’s so-called birthday: “Why didn’t we have cake?”

On what to say to the little girl at swim class: “You can look at me, if you want.”

On where she is: “I’m in your epiglottis! Running down your throat!”

On encouraging the dog to keep walking: “Come on, Maggie, you old thing.”

On what she would like for a present: “I don’t like bad things. I only like good things. I only like butterflies and other things that are good.”

On what Grandma Pat can get us from the store: “I thought of something. Can you get me a fairy?”

On what we’re going to do: “We’re going to do a somersault. You know, a somersault? Yee-haw!”

On the PGA event on television: “Where’s Grandpa Mike, though?”

On what her brother’s name is, five days after he was born: “I don’t know.”

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