The Quotable Abigail, Part XXVIII

On the meaning of her love for Gabe: “I love you so much. I won’t throw you out in the trash!”

On gender difference: “Only mans don’t smell good. Not the girls!”

On dealing with canines: “Let’s run past those dogs before they chew on us!”

On what to say in front of your dad with your arms up: “‘Th-d-d-th-d’ means ‘pick me up’ in Spanish.”

On tissue paper marketing: “I’m enjoying this picture of a girl wiping someone’s nose off.”

On why her stuffed pirate dog has a sword: “He uses this to wake Madeleine up.”

On whether I can see the paper bag dragon she made at school: “No. He’ll kill you.”

On her paper bag dragon’s talents: “He knows how to wake up babies.”

On why her stuffed cat is a troublemaker: “He’s messing with popcorn. He’s eating it before it’s cooked.”

On expressions that she uses in almost any frustrating situation: “It’s no use!”

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