What Abigail Has Been Doing Besides Saying Things

Abigail is an active girl. This summer she’s had a week of gymnastics camp, a week of art camp and she’ll have a week of fairy camp and a week of what the rest of us might consider “traditional” camp later on this season.

I’m going to start with art camp, which she just finished this week. Each day she created a masterpiece, starting with the lion you see below:

She was the youngest in the class, but I think she did a spectacular job here. I totally believe this is a lion.

The next item she made was an ant at a picnic:

Please note the artistic use of dirt and the artistic interpretation of “having many legs.”

Continuing with theme of arthropods, she also made a spider in a web:

You’ll note she went for a slightly more realistic interpretation of the leg situation. You’ll also see that she signed this one herself.

And now a bird:

Seriously? I honestly don’t know to what degree they help the kids, but the other pictures show little sign of any adult assistance. She didn’t draw those leaves in front of the bird by hand, but they did do a bunch of shape tracing this week, too. It feels like something she did, which is good enough for me. I’m also pretty sure that thing up on the branch isn’t supposed to have an eye.

We started with the lion, so it’s only appropriate to finish off with the lion fish:

This one is effing* mind blowing. I don’t even know what do say. It’s jaw droppingly good.

Abigail also had her dance recital a few weeks ago. Pictures at the event came out looking like tiny blurs on a stage, so I present you with Abigail in her ballet outfit, pre-enacting the event.

It was pretty much exactly like that. And it tasted like tears. Literally, the girl made me cry.

Here is a bonus photo for added awesomeness:

*The astute vocabularians among you will note that “effing” is not the appropriate modifier in this case. However, this is a family blog.

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