The Trip, Part I: The Wedding

We spent a week and a half driving all over the state of California last month. Below you will find the first of at least three photographic accounts of some of it.

I say, “some of it,” because taking photographs is much harder now that at least one person has to tend to the needs of an 8 month old at all times. I noted that at least one child is in almost all of pictures we took. Those were the only times we had a free hand to grab the camera.

We started the trip by heading up to Nevada City for Jessica’s cousin Shiree’s wedding. Abigail demanded we interrupt the official photo taking so that we could capture this one.

Abigail was somewhat intimidated. Shiree had reached princess status at this point.

There was also a lot of dancing with cousin’s to do.

Not to mention lots of boys to tell off. At least one, anyway.

Gabe also got a chance to meet his cousin Hoby, seen here doing his best Malcolm Reynolds. Gabe found the goatee new and interesting.

Also, Abigail did this:

Gabe spent most of the evening being passed around.

At least until it was time for him to go to bed. At that point, I took Gabe back to the rental we stayed at. It was essentially a little guest house, with two separate rooms. Which was great for segregating the kids. Or would have been, if the walls had gone all the way up. Instead, we had a good three feet of open space up near the ceiling through which passed every sound a four-year-old could make.

But don’t worry, Gabe got his fill of the party. Everyone had a pretty good time.

This is only the beginning, the first bite size portion. I’ll be back in another part, to tell more tales of travel and family.

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