The Trip, Part 3: The Last One

This trip retrospective has taken longer to post than the actual trip took. By weeks.

In the end, we went to San Francisco, where Abigail did this:

And the Grandparents Gorman took us to the Japanese Tea Garden, where she did this:

And Gabe and I did this:

Then we went to Petaluma, where Abigail spent her time with the Knight girls. This allowed me to get this awesome picture:

Not to mention this awesome picture. Yes, it was taken inside a slide, which the three subjects were rapidly twisting their way down.

That same park also provided Gabe with an opportunity to swing, which he enjoyed.

And we got to spend time with the relatives. We did not, however, take many pictures of them. Below you have one of the rare family photos. During our trip we found out that there are actually two babies in this photo.

Andy got to hang out with the kids and practice his parenting skills.

But in the end, Gabe had just had enough of it all and we had to go home.


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1 Response to The Trip, Part 3: The Last One

  1. Dick McDonnell says:

    Alex – it was great to see you, Jessica, Abigail and Gabe. Thanks for your great photos and comments.

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