The Quotable Abigail, Part 36

On big sisterly advice: “Don’t ever jump in the pond, because there’s sea turtles in there.”

On what she said she’d been planning to tell me for five days: “You’re not my prince. Gabriel is my prince.”

On what she’s doing to that door with that squeegee: “Shaving.”

On deciding I don’t know the definition of the word, delicious: “Delicious means two minutes.”

On the different languages on the mall intercom: “That’s very silly German.”

On having just watched Arriety, Mary Poppins and the Lion King on our drive: “Can I watch another movie now?”

On Daddy’s rant about being polite: “Please pause.”

On the bride: “Is Shiree real?”

On things you might overhear while she played with toys, none of which were pigs: “Look at these pig droppings!”

On Gabe saying, “Ahhhhhhhh”: “BUH-gail.”

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