Gabe Encounters the Tardis

Gabe finds the Doctor’s conveyance lacking.

Also, he is a terrifying giant.

Also, I am a huge nerd.


Not surprisingly, I decided to make this video while playing with Gabe and Abigail’s toy Tardis. I made a lot of faux Doctor Who movies when I was a kid and we did a lot of Tardis materialization and dematerialization. But alas, the special effects available to us at the time were limited to turning off the camera, moving the Tardis (ie, the garbage can), and then turning it back on. I realized as I was taking video of Gabe playing that technology may have caught up to me.

And it had. In fact, this video barely took longer to shoot than it did to edit together.

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1 Response to Gabe Encounters the Tardis

  1. Jessica Funtime says:

    The tag should be Giant Nerds.

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