The Quotable Abigail, Part 45

On being told to go to sleep: “I am already asleep.”

On her parents hugging: “I want you two to spread apart.”

On getting a pair of socks for Gabe: “I’ll check in the sock house to see who might be available.”

On what that drawing of a clear, unlabeled bottle represents: “Wine.”

On why she is grabbing my stomach and jiggling fiercely: “Just doing the dancing belly.”

On other animals that have wings, besides ducks: “Ponies.”

On the clear, detailed instructions she just received regarding the location on her snack: “Where’s my snack?”

On how she’s growing up in a very different world than I did: “I didn’t know what Starbucks you were talking about.”

On I have no idea what, Maggie-related: “These are her clothes for the passionfruit!”

On how to tell Gave she no longer needed his “assistance” with her puzzle: “Thank you. You’re such a big help.”

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