The Quotable Abigail, Part 46

On the nature of things:  “The poop is more patient than the pee.”

On pinching Daddy’s neck, which correlates poorly with my experience of graham crackers: “It feels like graham crackers, doesn’t it?”

On talking to Gabe: “When he was in the tummy, he was a great listener to me.”

On the secret she needs to whisper to Grandma Pat: “Call my dad, ‘banana pants.'”

On leaping wildly in front of the mirror and four year old views on efficiency: “I was just jumping my shirt down.”

On the preparations for taking a walk: “Everything’s in order.”

On why her brother is suddenly lying in the grass: “I was just helping him down.”

On misusing the word “often” in regard to a particular song: “My teacher doesn’t awfully sing that.”

On what’s on offer at her tea party: “A nice spotch of tea.”

On explaining our roles to Mom: “Gabriel is Captain Hook and I’m the crocodile and Daddy is busy.”


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