The Quotable Abigail, Part 49

On asking for things in Spanish: “Please give me more el cheese.”

On something to do with her princess crown: “Sister’s available. But her head is not.”

On her footy jammies: “I’m all protected from germs because my socks are attached.”

On why “hearts are for every season”: “Because they are in your bone.”

On my suggestion regarding how to dress more efficiently: “No! That’s not how the world is going to work.”

On the tough questions: “Why is it not poop?”

On sisterly advice: “Gabe, let me tell you something. Never go up on a bad monster.”

On the nature of disease: “It’ll never be the end of sickness.”

On the perils of the dungeon: “No fruit and veggies either.”

On threatening her brother: “You’re gonna listen to me or you’re gonna get the tickles.”


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