The Quotable Abigail, Part 50

On her demands: “For my birthday, I will expect Lion King toys.”

On the huge pile of plastic fruits and vegetables she and her brother placed in front of the garage door: “This is a bigger mistake than we thought!’

On boy hair: “Nibbly and kind of brownish.”

On the extreme frustrations that come along with being buckled into your seat: “You’re making my headband form into my face!”

On disreputable playmates at the pool: “There’s one dragon that lives south of here and we don’t want him to come, do we?”

On why she can’t play a card game: “As you can see, I’m much too loaded.”

On being informed that the game on my phone may not work: “And I don’t know if my flying machine is going to work.”

On the way it is, whether Mom is mid-conversation or not: “I’m going inside with you, Mom.”

On Dad’s good fortune: “Dad is going to be one lucky fellow. He gets to spend time in the dungeon by himself.”

On appropriate ways to say good night to your brother: “I’ll see you in my flying machine!”

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