The Quotable Abigail, Part 53

On shuffling her feet through a pile of clothes: “Look, dad. I’m exactly like R2D2!”

On her feet, after wearing sandals in New York City: “They’re black as sootlings, right?”

On discovering her cousin, Jessica, is unmarried: “I’m getting her a husband!”

On when you’ll be prohibited from hitting: “Not if it’s a dancing situation.”

On why she’s approaching me with a comb: “Want your initial hair done?”

On things to say to your brother in a sweet and loving voice: “Oh, Gabe, you’re so creepy.”

On why Mom should come closer: “Because I’m going to do something strange.”

On a picture of the pancreas: “And this is my squishy one.”

On whether she’s happy that Dad came home: “I’m more excited that you’re a partier.”

On her summary of courtship: “The boys show off and the girls watch the show.”

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