The Quotable Abigail, Part 55

On Gabe, just before this picture was taken: “You’re going to be American boy!”

On why she and her brother are carrying fistfuls of dirt: “We snuck through the keyhole of the cinnamon box.”

On questions that get harder to answer the more you think about them: “Gooey Goo is real, right?”

On when she’s going to let me out of jail: “Not until noon twenty June.”

On things to shout from the back seat: “Little help here!”

On how her rock collection (and a great many other things) should be touched: “With one scientific finger.”

On the proper mood for styling: “Can I brush Gabe’s hair really sadly?”

On a gardener’s break-time habits: “I saw smoke coming out of a man.”

On why she is making strange gestures at the nanny’s white sedan: “I’m annoying her car.”

On Gabe taking apart a plastic vegetable that was designed to come apart: “What has he done? WHAT HAS HE DONE?”

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