The Quotable Gabe, Part 10

On hygiene and propriety: “Don’t touch me! I need to change my diaper!”

On wearing his sister’s headband: “I’m Princess Daddy.”

On wrapping the legs of a stuffed dog around his neck: “I’m all buckled up and now I can’t get out!”

On his head cold: “I need to buy a new ear. This one’s broken. ”

On Mount Rushmore: “I’m a mushroom.”

On going to get a snack: “I’m a beautiful monkey!”

On seeing his dad walking down the stairs: “Where’s that guy going?”

On his parent-worthy comment on his sister’s drawing: “It’s beautiful. Is that a rainbow?”

On his drawing: “It’s a lady who came to tea.”

On clarifying the subject of his drawing: “A fish lady.”


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