Demons is a horrible television show. I really can’t say enough bad things about it. The characters represent an absence of depth, the concept made real on screen. The plots are contrived, devices stuck on with increasing absurdity as the series continues. And the basic premise seems to be that this underclass of people – who aren’t quite human but seem intelligent and to have their own drives and motives – are not only okay to kill, but necessary to kill. They call them half-lives. If this isn’t a nearly overt representation of racism – condoned racism – I’m not sure what is.

Naturally, I watched all six episodes.

I’ll tell you, the big surprise at the end is dumber than you could possibly imagine. Seriously. Try one. How about that one of the characters is, in fact, Mina Harker from Dracula. Nope. Dumber than that! That Dracula thing happened in episode 4.

You expect better from other human beings sometimes. At the very least you expect them to notice that they seem to be condoning the condemnation of entire races because a few individuals misbehave. You expect them to realize when they have uncovered an interesting character motivation and not immediately gun it down to make way for the end of the episode. You expect, if they are going to try to borrow concepts from people like China Mieville and Neil Gaiman, to at least retain some of the grittiness that holds those worlds together.

Sigh. Oh, well. At least it makes you realize that the failings of shows like Doctor Who, though many, are dwarfed by the crimes against fiction committed by others.

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