Abigail and the Dodo

Things I learned while putting Abigail to sleep today:

“I want some water.”

“Mommy isn’t here. Just Daddy. Abigail isn’t here.”

“Daddy is a good girl.”

“I’s fixing Daddy’s chin.”

“This is Kermie’s ice tea.”

I love the way Abigail’s blankets release static electricity in the dark. It’s like watching a lightning storm from a plane. It’s just dark and then you’ll see a tiny flash in the distance. And then another one. This never happens to me with my blankets, but it somehow makes bedtime more magical with our little girl.

Thanks wikimedia!Tonight I asked Abigail what animal she wanted Bengal to meet today and, without hesitation, she said, “Dodo!”

I’m not sure whether she intended this as a nonsense word or if she is really familiar with extinct fauna, but I rolled with it. And it turns out that the Dodo that Bengal met in the jungle near the cave he lives in with his Momma and four brothers and sisters  came to live with them for a while. You see, he didn’t have anywhere to live after parachuting out of a passing plane (To be honest, I kind of talked myself into a corner with that one. As soon as I had Bengal ask, “Where did you come from?” I knew it was trouble.) and he needed somewhere to live.

Bengal’s cave was the perfect place. To end the story, I mean. ALWAYS end the story where the main character goes to bed.

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