Spring Playtime

It’s an odd feeling to be pushed back from the front door by a sub-two-year-old who is shouting, “Stop it! Stop it!” Particularly when that child has more strength than you would expect in a girl her size.

Abigail and the Twins. They're forming a band, with Abigail as the cat-themed frontwoman. I’m talking of course about Janna from across the street. She was insisting that we don’t go into our house because that would mean that Abigail would be done playing. This was very sweet, since Janna and her twin sister Hannah are only a little bit younger than Abigail. The hugging started pretty much the moment they met our daughter and really hasn’t let up.

When I asked how to tell them apart, I was told that her parents tell them apart by their personalities. This made me sigh inwardly because I figured this would be impossible to tell in kids that young. In fact, it was immediately obvious. Hannah is much like Abigail: interested in trouble to a point, but knows when you cut her losses. Janna is more likely to shrug off her mother and race toward the nearest busy intersection.

They were playing in our cul de sac when we were coming back from our walk with Maggie, so we let Abigail out to play too. Normally, Abigail isn’t allowed into the street at all, but we made an exception. It’s hard to explain why those girls are allowed off the sidewalk, but you aren’t.  Emboldened by this new experience, Abigail hopped up and down in the street shouting, “I’m looking for trouble!”

Soon we were joined by the other kids on our block, an older brother and sister pair – Ian and Sara. They are frequently out riding bikes around twilight, which makes Abigail very happy.  Largely because Abigail is obsessed with seven year old Sara. When she hears a bike outside, she immediately says, “Sara. I go to see Sara.” Oddly enough, the feeling seems to be mutual. You don’t usually find a girl her age that loves playing with a toddler.

We’re getting a lot of playtime with other kids these days. I think there are two reasons. First, Abigail’s ability to interact has improved beyond mere poking. Second, daylight savings has allowed us to be outside of the house after 5 pm. I think it should be a pretty interesting summer.

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