B-Day: Assault on Sunset Park

“I’m sad,” Abigail said. It was the night before her birthday. She was lying on the carpet next to her bed; her “beautiful bed,” she likes to call it. She turned her head to look at me. “My fell down.”

“You did? ” I said. “Do you need a hug?”

Abigail smiled and hopped up, rushing over to where I, too, was sitting. She threw herself on top of me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

After a momentary squeeze, she leapt to her feet again. “I’m going to fall down one more time.”

* * *

It was the day of her birthday. Abigail had gotten a new kitchen playset. She’d also noticed the kitchen drawer had been broken. “That’s broken,” she stated, never one to beat around the bush. Well, unless she had a convenient stick.

As usual, she’d been unworried about the state of the kitchen storage. “Grandpa Mike will fix it.”

And now she was in the back seat, on the way to the park to celebrate her second birthday. She was in the mood to provide instruction.

“It’s too loud. New song, Daddy.”

“Slow it down, Daddy.”

“There’s a park. Turn around, Daddy.”

We made it to the correct park and unloaded the car, Abigail trailing behind me as we pulled the cooler into place.

* * *

The picnic area we’d reserved was a mess, but by the time we arrived, Grandma had the situation well in order. The man working at the office was out with a broom and dustpan, tidying up, while the family hung balloons and streamers and laid out the feast.  Soon the gang members began to arrive. Since they were our gang, we didn’t much mind. A series of odd coincidences were pointed out. (In brief: my next door neighbor, Lance, used to work with my friend Mike, many years ago. Lance’s 6 month old son Reed was born on the same day as Lucas and Jackie’s little girl, Hannah. Which also happens to be the same birthday as Abigail’s Aunt Laura.)

People ate the food. Some people contemplated whether what their neighbors were eating might actually be the better option.

Abigail was particularly enamored with the singing. She loves singing in general, but we’ve been to a few birthday parties recently and she’s gotten quite attached to the tune. When everyone started singing Happy Birthday for her, I think she found it a little overwhelming. Awesome, but overwhelming.

And then there was cake. Cup cake, to be specific. They were raved over, delighted at, and generally demolished. Then we took the traditional picture of the kids standing or sitting on a giant rattlesnake head, played inflatable pin the tail on the donkey and called it a day.

As you might expect, Abigail had an absurd haul. Video evidence of this will be forthcoming.

Thanks to everyone who came out for her birthday. We had a great time and loved seeing everyone.

And seriously, click for results.

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  1. Eric Weiner says:

    Nice pics!

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