Reading Finch

Finch was my first review for the Spectrum Circus. Rather than posting a new review, I’m going to link to that one.

Hopefully this will tide you over while the Abigail’s Birthday post and/or posts are still brewing.

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2 Responses to Reading Finch

  1. Jessica says:

    Holy crap! So I am reading _City of Saints and Madmen_ (because he’s one of my instructors) and I didn’t realize that Ambergris was in other novels as well. I can’t tell if they’re a series or just books that take place in the same world. Weeeeird that I didn’t know you were reading him. Was I just not paying attention?

    • Alex Gorman says:

      You weren’t, but I’m used to that. I believe this one is the finale to the series. They loosely follow the history of this city, if I understand it properly.

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