World Cup Nutshell Predictions: Group H

Spain has never won a World Cup, but this could be their chance. Fresh off their first Euro win two years ago, they have one of the most talented squads in the tournament.

Chile finished qualified tied with Paraguay, one point behind Brazil. A group of Chilean fans are trying to get the coach canonized. Seriously.

Honduras are just happy to be here. How happy? Here’s audio of the announcers watching the US goal against Costa Rica that put Honduras into the World Cup.

Switzerland are the last team I’m mentioning.

Here’s how they’ll finish:

1. Spain

2. Chile

3. Switzerland

4. Honduras

Here’s how Abigail calls it:

1. Chile

2. Honduras

3. Spain

4. Switzerland

Clearly she’s choosing more with her heart here, but I respect her not listening to the Spanish hype. Actually, I’m guessing there will be a lot of Spanish in this group. Poor Switzerland will be so confused.

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