One About Dad

As many of your know, I’m a big fan of my dad. That might not be too out of the ordinary for most people, but as it turns out, I have video proof of his greatness.

In earlier posts, I’ve discussed his story telling and how it influenced me over the years. As I was going through our old family videos, I found this gem, in which he narrates a scene of us walking through a regional park. None of us were aware of what he was doing, which makes a few of the clips even odder.

I made this video in the course of an hour or so, rather than four or five, which has been my standard. I had the advantage of having something pretty linear to work with, but it still feels a little raw to me. I think it works pretty well, regardless.

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2 Responses to One About Dad

  1. says:

    This is great, Alex. I have no recollection of making this video. Of course I am well aware of the family lore for all the families involved.
    Loved the Palladin theme, too.
    Brings tears to my rustlin’ eyes.

  2. Rhoda says:

    Oh, the stories that man tells! That was fun Alex. Crazy to see you three “kids”- you have all grown up so well!!

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