Santa’s Early Visit

Normally Santa only arrives on Christmas Eve. Well, probably a mix of Christmas Eve and very early Christmas morning, depending on the time zone, flight pattern, weather conditions in Northern Europe – that sort of thing. But for really big jobs, Santa often comes early. He doesn’t want to weight the reindeer down unnecessarily on the big day. They have a lot of work to do, after all. I mean, he went through four Dashers last Christmas alone.

Anyway, this year’s early Christmas presnet was Abigail’s. It came in the form of a brand new “big girl” bed, seen here:

Considering the fact that Santa delivered this, I feel that Jessica and I did a considerable amount of work putting this together. I can’t say exactly what we did, but I’ll just say it was considerable. Those are new bookshelves as well. In fact, one of the first things one needs to do with a new bed is empty the contents of those bookshelves and pile them on top of the aforementioned new bed.

Pillow embracing is optional.

To say the least, Abigail was pleased with this gift. There was clapping. I could tell you how happy she was, but I’ll let this picture sell it. This is an actual, “I’m happy” smile. It may be aided by the ample size of the pile of stuff lying next to her.


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