Mia Time

Just a quick post today. Last weekend, Abigail got the chance to hold Mark and Molly’s daughter, Mia. Abigail was pretty low key about it at the time, but based on the amount of time she spent discussing it and the way she leaps around with glee whenever she does so, I’m thinking it’s one of the highlights of her life so far.

Although this picture may better express how overwhelmed Abigail felt at the time:

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1 Response to Mia Time

  1. Molly says:

    Just saw these photos. I have a good one of Abigiail and Mia that I will send your way. Glad to hear that she loved hanging out with Mia. Mia totally dug her. LOVE the VEGAS Photos.

    BTW I would have done the Lion Pic too!

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