What Happens in Vegas Gets Posted on the Internet

My judgment has been called into question. MINE! Can you even imagine it?

The questioning in question revolves largely around this photo.

While you may be misled by the background into thinking we are on actual safari in the Serengeti, this was actually taken at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. You can get your picture taken with a baby lion for $25. Who says no to that?

Apparently it was the bringing of the 2 year old that Jessica objected to. But these decisions were fortunately left to my good judgment, since she was in a conference all day.

I’d tell you everything we did, but I think this video below pretty much sums up the trip.

Attentive viewers will note that this video in no way sums up the trip. Although we did go to an aquarium, we also stood on the strip to watch an incredibly bad show involving pirates, went for a ride on a gondola, watched other people go for rides on gondolas, listened to music that was played near gondolas, and ate some ice cream.

The highlight of our trip did make the video, though. Did you catch it? It’s right there at the beginning…

That’s right: the monorail! Abigail likes the fish and all, but the part of the video she really wants to watch is us riding on the monorail.

Next time you’re in Vegas, I highly recommend it. If you’re with a toddler who likes trains. Otherwise it’s an overpriced pain in the ass.

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3 Responses to What Happens in Vegas Gets Posted on the Internet

  1. Bethani Semple says:

    Aw, its just a kitten. The two year old was just fine.

  2. Jessica Hilt says:

    When you told me that Jessica questioned your judgment, I thought, “Why? Because she didn’t get to go too?” Apparently, I am lacking in maternal instinct.

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