Daddy Blogging

My parents have been spending the last few weeks  in Puerto Vallarta and will be there a week or two longer. Naturally, this has led to my father starting his own blog. You can find the musings of his traveling mind at

I highly recommend it. I’d start from the beginning and work forward, although it seems to me that he has accidentally deleted the first day post, which was awesome. Since I happen to have a copy of the text, I’ll reprint it here, just to get you started off on the right track with the latest Gorman-blog:

“We are definitely not in California any more.  The Friday night street party went very late.  The roosters began crowing in the middle of the night.  Their calls may have inspired the assortment of dogs to lend their sounds to the cacophony.  As if this weren’t enough the sounds of revving engines, squealing tires and frames as vehicles worked their way around tight corners on the steep hillside on cobbled stoned streets filled the air.  As they bounced along the drivers tooted their horns in greeting or in warning.

“As I walked out onto our patio this morning I thought I was in Marrakesh even though I have never been there; maybe the romance of the setting full moon help to set the mood.  We are up a steep hill (steeper than our practice facility at Helen Putnam) so we have a good view of the neighborhood.   Everywhere there is unfinished construction, shoddy looking structures mixed with newer, well-painted and architecturally pleasing buildings.  Colorful laundry is like scattered leaves across the vista.  We can look down the hill to Banderas Bay lying calmly under a low clinging layer of fog.

“We picked up some instant Nescafe coffee last night at the little market across the street which we are enjoying now.  I am delighted that the Internet worked on the first try.  It is wonderful to be able to communicate like this from such a different place in the world.  Pat started laughing this morning saying: “I didn’t know that there wouldn’t be walls”.  Our living room is open to the outside although it is under a nice overhang protecting our chilly splash pool and leading to our patio.  There is no escaping the sounds or the environment here.  So far we are laughing and enjoying.”

After reading that, I’d head straight here and navigate forward.

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