The Quotable Abigail, Part XIII

On Daddy trying to get her to call the box her Madeline doll came in a stasis chamber: “But stasis changers have wings.”

On being disappointed by your heroes: “Peter Cottontail went poop on the furniture.”

On Picnics, Paddywacks: “This old man, he played nine, he played picnic on my shoe…”

On her babies sitting next to each other: “That’s how together works.”

On daddy apparently doing a poor job of dressing the invisible baby: “Babies don’t just need pants!”

On why she needs to go outside: “To save Princess Belle and Santa Claus from the spider.”

On that tow truck: “That’s not called a truck. It’s called a ‘big bear.'”

On that tow truck, really: “Actually, it’s called a ‘pretend leaf.'”

On the hummingbird egg: “It’ll pop out in 10 years, when it’s Christmas.”

On questions with no good answers: “Why is the baby too small to play horky?”

On the foibles of poop: “Silly poop. It tries to get on your pants.”

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