Alien Trailer

After posting the clip of our old version of Alien, I decided to put together a trailer for the film. This is the “suspenseful” version. I’ve got a more action packed one in the works, too.

Please enjoy, and I’ll be available for discussion afterward.

Perhaps my favorite part is the ubiquity of the script. You can find it in almost every scene, but the ones we shot in the dark are particularly subtle. We only had flashlights to light our way and we used them to light up the script. The pages we were reading are literally the only thing you can see on camera.

Other than that, the dialogue and camera work speak for themselves. Not to mention our sturdy, cardboard based sets.

The purpose of this trailer was really to highlight our storytelling and give you a taste of how the dialogue worked. Most of the visual power you can get in this one comes from a static camera and static actors. It really takes off when you’ve got an unintentionally shaky camera and confused actors.

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1 Response to Alien Trailer

  1. Greg says:

    Twenty some odd years later, I might be coming around on this body of work. Fun stuff.

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