The Cruise, Part I: Ashlynn

I took a lot of video on our cruise and it’s tough to know where to start.

Actually, it’s not. I’m starting with Ashlynn, who, along with her family, was seated at the table next to us for dinner each night. She and Abigail very much enjoyed each other’s company and and had a great time getting in the way of the servers going to and from the kitchen, the door to which was right next to our table.

I told Ashlynn’s parents about my blog on the last day of the cruise and told them I’d put up a video soon. That was on June 5th, a mere three weeks ago. I warned them that it might take me a little time. She was gracious enough to tell me that they’d wait until Monday. That still makes this video 20 days late.

Next on the cruise video docket: More dancing!

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