The Quotable Abigail, Part XIV

On why she has to watch her lunchbox: “So it doesn’t all come roaring out.”

On what “roaring” means, in this context: “Roaring means zip, zip, zip.”

On Daddy’s odor, her opinion of:  “Daddy, you smell like garbage.”

On being told that it isn’t nice to tell people that they smell like garbage: “You smell like butterflies.”

On the product of cat litter scooping: “Daddy, that poop looks awesome.”

On things not in the travel guide: “How do you say ‘whoa, whoa’ in Spanish?”

On multiple Jessicas: “Isn’t it funny to have two Jessica’s?”

On multiple Alexs: “And isn’t it funny to have two silly Alex’s?”

On fish and their locations: “And isn’t it funny to have fish in your house?”

On that guy walking the other day who she just said hello to: “He gave me a credit card.”

On why she burst into tears after being told not put her hands on anything after touching a public toilet seat: “But I want to put them on my face!”

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