The Quotable Abigail, Part XVI

On who is in the basket: “It was baby no name, now it’s baby yes name.”

On semantics: “You don’t have to take a rest, Saffron, you just have to take a nap.”

On whether she would like to read another chapter from her “Judy Moody” book: “Well, Dad, I have to sleep. It’s serious.”

On why she needs a big-girl fork to eat her cereal: “For forking.”

On what Dad should make her for dinner: “Grilled cheese! I already ordered!”

On why Maggie is bad: “I said “bad dog” because she’s old.”

On why she’s moving all the containers in the cupboard: “I’m just fixing everything.”

On how to play Dragon: “You sit there and I’ll try to eat you.”

On what we should do now that we’re both pretend dragons: “You have some lemur and I’ll have some lemur.”


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