The Potentially Embarrassing Old Photo of the Week

The title of this post indicates that this might be a weekly feature. I admit that this is distantly possible. But anyone even slightly familiar with this blog will understand that I am unlikely to maintain a consistent rhythm to my postings.

That said, what I have hear is an ancient photo, pulled from the vaults and scanned. It features myself, at the age of seventeen or eighteen. As you can see I had already reached my current position of fashion icon. I also had clearly developed my legendary affinity for animals. It was taken at a fort or old building of some kind, a fact I have cleverly divined from the background and my vague recollection of this outing.

I submit it for your enjoyment.

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1 Response to The Potentially Embarrassing Old Photo of the Week

  1. says:

    This is most certainly Fort Ross, the old Russian settlement on the Mendocino coast.
    I have identified this because you are wearing the traditional Russian jacket.

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