The Quotable Abigail, Part XXII

On Momma’s pregnancy outtie: “Maybe it’s a tongue!”

On where her invisible friend/sister has to sit: “You have to sit on my lap because I’m the one who’s naked.”

On her plans for the cat: “Don’t eat Limbo until I come back.”

On what she’s going to dream: “I’m dreaming about an armadillo. A nice armadillo who eats rose bushes.”

On cartoons and suspension of disbelief: “How can that caterpillar be like that if he has clothes on?”

On how to tell the dog she can eat: “What do you say when it’s go time, Mama?”

On what it’s okay to call her: “Just don’t call me, like soup, okay?”

On when I should make turns while driving: “The sun is in my eyes again. Hurry!”

On how to answer the phone: “Hi. For the lizard?”

On why she’s rubbing that spoon on her arm: “I’m getting my old skin off and putting new skin on.”

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