The Quotable Abigail, Part XXV

On the prospect of impending Christmas: “Yummy in my hair! Yummy in my eyeballs!”

On the glass of water she’s holding: “Dad, is this from tomorrow?”

On Gabe finishing breast feeding: “Stop that and get back on the arm pit!”

On her chocolate advent calendar: “You know what I need? One of those things right over there.”

On why she doesn’t want Santa to come to her house: “Because I think that’s enough toys for me.”

On urgent and unusual – even in context – bedtime requests: “Stand on books, Daddy! Please!”

On good bathroom chants: “No one come and poop with meeee. No one come and poop with meeee.”

On her body: “I’m a pancake that’s really, really long.”

On our family status: “Mom? Do we have a baby still?”

On units of measurement: “Miles and miles of years ago: tar pits!”

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