The Quotable Abigail, Part XXVI

On whether the animal she’s thinking of swims: “A lion.”

On dressing: “Pants and undies? I’m not sure about that.”

On why I shouldn’t make noise when she’s trying to sleep: “If you keep doing this, I’m going to have to turn myself into a fish. And what am I supposed to do about that?”

On why she won’t sleep, with blinking to demonstrate: “I can’t close my eyes for that long.”

On my driving: “I’m going to have to talk to Mom about this. You weren’t watching the rails, Dad.”

On my growling and munching at her: “You can’t eat persons! Eat Limbo instead!”

On consoling her doll: “Heidi, please don’t be emotional.”

On Gabe through a magnifying glass: “He looks big and burly.”

On things that are funny across generations: “I’m wearing the sunglasses in the night!”

On things to say, bossy and incoherent: “You talk more speechless than I am.”

On soothing a crying baby in the car: “Now don’t you worry. Don’t you be even nervous.”

Bonus Quotable: On “Beauty and the Beast” as retold to her brother through stickers: “She was the enchantress who turned the beast back into love.”

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