Things That Have Been Going On

It has been quite a while since I last offered up a blog post. I got stuff to do people. Stop hassling me.

Instead of presenting the events and revelations of the last few in drips and drabs, one post after another, I’m going to do it all in one big, photographic infodump. Here are, in no reasonable order that I can discern, the things you need to know.

First of all, I love this picture.

I don’t know why. I think it’s just an awesome picture.

Both My Children Have Joined Cults.

Abigail has joined the Church of the Star Otter. This is an outfit entirely of her design, if not entirely her execution. Please note the sandals and socks. Getting those on there was nearly impossible for me, let alone a four year old.

Gabe has chose to worship the Great Floating Tree Frog. Both of them have chosen religions with blue animals as their familiars. I’ve been pondering the significance of this.

Gabe has better hair than you do.

This is irrefutable and correct. I don’t care what your hair looks like. I don’t care how much time you put into it. Gabe has done nothing and he looks awesome. Much better than you.

He doesn’t even try. He just wakes up and up pops the hair. I will admit that it has a little more verve right after he takes off a hat, however.

Speaking of which, this actually is a hat. But if anything, it should be the hat tribute to his hair, because both of these things are awesome.

Abigail has exactly the right idea about work.

A week or two ago, Abigail needed blank sheets of paper, which she then filled with the lines you see above. She told me that she was doing important work.

She then instructed me on how to build a box in which to put them. To my knowledge, she has no experience with an inbox, yet she managed to walk me through the construction of one. Truly she is the chosen one of office work.

Gabe is onto us.

It doesn’t matter where we put the camera. He will find us.

Abigail does not like to blow out candles.

Well, who does? Candles are intimidating. They’re on FIRE, for pete’s sake.

Actually, Abigail was pretty much done with her birthday party shortly after cake. She made herself a “cozy spot” and checked out. It had been a long weekend.

Abigail does like to open presents.

She did manage to recover some strength for the traditional after party opening of presents. I think the photo below sums up her attitude.

Madeleine likes the bouncy house.

Again, obviously.

Gabe loves his Grandpa.

This may not come as a huge shock either.

But the pictures are darn cute.

Gabe has pretty much had enough of this whole post though. Consider yourself all caught up.

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3 Responses to Things That Have Been Going On

  1. Jennifer says:

    that was very cute. The kids are adorable and I absolutely love the first one of Bill and Gabe, priceless.

  2. Your kids have a lot of personality, especially baby Gabe. Love the photos!

  3. Greg says:

    Great post Alex! Despite the detail you put into it, I don’t feel caught up. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys this summer.

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