The Quotable Abigail, Part 31

On her doll’s home situation: “I’m going to change Saffron to a different family.”

On what could be the headlines on a fashion magazine: “No one will know that I am ever mad. Someone will know that I am beautiful.”

On previously unknown magical creatures, automotive: “I need those dragons in your car because my parade is going to be tomorrow.”

On spelling: “K begins with kittens.”

On her teenage years coming early: “I said I know everything already.”

On eating the things that fell out of a tree for dinner: “They’ll be delicious. They have racoons in them and we’re the baby chickens.”

On why we need to hurry: “I can no longer hold it!”

On questions for Papa: “Do you want to become a queen and dance like a queen?”

On playing with Gabe’s blue whale: “We’re bad whales! Yeah, we’re bad whales! And we like to shoo people away with our bad magic.”

On casual statements, menacing: “No one knows how scary I really am.”

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