The Quotable Abigail, Part 34

On big sisterly advice: “Listen to all the stars of life, Gabriel, and you get to throw up in the air.”

On her observations about growing, gleeful: “Look at my butt. It keeps getting bigger and bigger.”

On getting into the head of the villain, probably correctly: “Maleficent thinks she’s the only good guy on Earth.”

On what that noise was: “It was just a bang.”

On the news from the back seat, casually delivered: “My tongue is dancing in my mouth.”

On why she won’t clap to save Tinker Bell: “I don’t believe in fairies.”

On being informed that she’s looking at a caterpillar, not a snake: “We’ll call it a snake for now.”

On her latest art project: “Gabriel’s gonna be all white if I paint him with goat cheese!”

On my explanation of EURO 2012: “I’m not talking to you because I’m a princess.”

On the Morris dancing at Eleanor’s birthday: “What happened? What happened?”

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