The Quotable Abigail, Part 38

On variable gender roles while playing pirate: “Ahoy, maid!”

On why it’s hard to get to Mars: “Because the street is blocked.”

On the proper question to ask about killer whales: “Do they kill?”

On crossing the parking lot: “Hurry! You don’t want to get ker-smashed!”

On gruesome variations on a theme: “Don’t let the blood bugs drink!”

On using pretend money to buy my own shoes from my own closet: “Sorry, we don’t have the real kind of money.”

On eating advice: “Use those teeth*, Gabe!”

On throwing her arms up in the air: “I don’t usually do that on the roller coaster because I’m too busy doing other stuff.”

On the job I did brushing her hair: “I am not impressed.”

On learning that whales and dolphins make milk: “But they pump it.”

*Gabe had two teeth to use at the time of this quote.

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