Gabe Turns One

Gabe celebrated his first birthday party on Saturday. It was a fun day, as can be clearly seen in this photo of Grandpa Bill with the kids.

It was a storybook party, so we had to have a storyteller. Fortunately my dad does well in that role, so we had him read “Those Darn Squirrels Fly South.” He does an excellent Fookwire.

As you can see, interest varied from moment to moment, but he had a very enthusiastic group of key supporters.

Here is the cake the non-birthday havers got to eat. We courteously placed the book it was inspired by the in background so that you could make sense of the design. It’s one of Gabe’s favorites.

And this is the cake that Gabe got to smash. At least, hypothetically.

He was pretty fascinated by the whole process. Sure, there was fire, and that’s always cool. But the people singing were a source of intense interest to him. I believe the look on his face here is really a reaction to that singing.

I helpfully tried to point out the dangers area on the cake.

He did eventually dive into the cake and immediately felt that some applause was in order. No doubt he received it.

Seriously. Who’s up for some clapping?

Hey! You with the camera! Get clappin’!

He got more into the present opening as it progressed.

Or so I assume. Some of us were slightly distracted during the gift-opening period.

You can tell it’s a good party if you end up thoroughly worn out.

Thanks to everyone who came and who helped put this together. It was a great party.

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