The Quotable Abigail, Part 39

On a comment that works in support of almost anything she says: “True story.”

On why the black leotard is no good: “That one does not have, like, tentacles on the back.”

On the entrepreneurial spirit: “Can I sell one of my crayons, Dad?”

On existential threats: “I am a rattlesnake that changes into a vampire!”

On what she wants to attach to the calendar she’s making: “Wood like a road.”

On what that loud bang was: “I’m not entirely sure.”

On the yard stick in the garage: “Smells creepy.”

On why she’s not ready for bathtime: “There’s playing to be done.”

On questions to ask as your Dad leaves the room at bedtime: “Tell me. How’s mom doin’?”

On being told she can’t drive until she’s sixteen: “Fifteen.”

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