The Quotable Abigail, Part 40

On her relationship with her brother, vis a vis Christmas: “I’m the boss. I’m supposed to tell you of the tree.”

On why she’s a good guy: “I save people that are, like, falling, or hurt by dragons.”

On her awesome birthday present for me: “It’s a mug that you cannot use!”

On the potentially bad behavior of the players in the Chargers game: “Why do they need a time out?”

On upcoming lessons: “Alright, Gabe. Tomorrow you’re going to learning about changelings.”

On the Halloween skeleton: “He died while he was smiling.”

On finding her prince: “I’m looking for him online.”

On why the cat got out: “I didn’t do it. When I opened the door, Limbo escaped.”

On the cats’ wedding ceremony, delivered in the highest possible pitch: “And now we need you guys to stick together as wife and neighbor.”

On my failure to set the timer on the Halloween lights properly: “I’m not surprised.”

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