The Quotable Abigail, Part 41

On observations, humorous: “Wouldn’t it be funny if a sign all pooped its letters out?”

On her unraveled cape: “Can you ravel it again for me?”

On protecting the anonymity of the villain in a story about school: “I’m going to call him boyfriend for now.”

On how to approach the “touch-and-feel” pictures in Gabe’s animal book: “With one scientific finger.”

On the parameters of the game: “We’re dogs learning Spanish, alright?”

On what she’s doing to delay bedtime: “I’m getting stuff for my job when I’m all grown up.”

On the acceptable themes for her birthday party: “As long as it’s not boyish.”

On sneaky people: “They do not get their hair trimmed, unfortunately.”

On what sneaky girls do on Thanksgiving: “They take off and sneak.”

On whether I can join her when she moves to “a snow place” when she grows up: “No, you have to stay with your wife.”

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