The Quotable Abigail, Part 42

On remodeling: “If we turn our house into a tower with no door in it, then probably you can grow my hair long…”

On her nutritional plan: “My body just wants me to have cereal or treats.”

On starting a game: “Let’s play basketball. I’ll kick it to you.”

On my request that she put on her shoes so we can go to the store: “No. Of course not. I would never do that.”

On the Ott’s house: “I think a dinosaur lived here, long long ago.”

On Limbo’s incessant meowing: “Why should I believe you cats?’

On the gate at the bottom of the stairs being locked: “My shoes door is closed.”

On picking colors: “It’s not a game, it’s a contest.”

On how to repeatedly refer to her Uncle Andy: “Megan’s wife.”

On the perils of riding on Daddy’s shoulders: “I’m too close to the stars.”

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