The Quotable Abigail, Part 43

On things that are easy to say “no” to: “Dad, can I shave Maggie?”

On Gabe being done with breakfast: “Let’s get ‘im out and get ‘im running.”

On phrases that can be used to interrupt anything your parents are talking about: “And so…”

On the right way to start a sentence: “If I had wings… When I get wings…”

On why she nearly walked into that shopping cart: “My eyes are kind of burly.”

On the potential diversity of nature: “There might be bees that work on magnets.

On evidence for her bee magnet theory: “That’s why they go Chshhhhhhh.”

On where you might end up, vis a vis dragons: “The people the dragons don’t eat, they put them in a sack.”

On why she thinks Maggie hurt her paw: “We played a game that was kind of a doggish game.”

On the purpose of her blanket fort: “In case there is a major insult, people can put flowers right there under that.”

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