The Quotable Gabe, Part 4

On Petaluma (<– Link!): “Milk! Milk!”

On how get your parents to turn on music: “Pandora!”

On topics of conversation with which to postpone bedtime: “Swim class. Groceries.”

On instructions for his sister as she enters the room: “Sit down.”

On the Grapes of Wrath: “Yay!”

On my bottle of beer: “Need cup!”

On my beer, once poured into a glass: “Drink it!”

On my beer, once sipped from a glass: “Again!”

On what to shout while running around like a maniac after placing bee stickers all over your shirt: “Bees!”

On alternate family setups: “Auntie Daddy.”

On imitating Daddy’s reaction to the extremely full diaper: “Jeez. O Pete.”

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