The Quotable Abigail, Part 54

On Gabe’s next lesson on butterfly development: “Where did we leave off, Gabe?”

On the wonders of the Empire State, I. Addition to the trees, grass, fences, birds and very tall buildings: “I like that New York has one sun and, how many moons?”

On the egalitarian nature of air travel: “On planes, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.”

On dueling banjos: “It sounds like there’re cats running away from each other, doesn’t it?”

On observations at the supermarket: “I have really good eyes… Ooh, beer!”

On the true nature of the Cave of Wonders: “A cave that was wondering.”

On the important thing she had to tell me before I left the house: “Be aware of giants.”

On Gabe being born the day after Thanksgiving: “It was in the weekend you get to eat chicken.”

On the directions which are apparently written on a crumbly leaf that explain how to pick up Madeline and Beatrice: “Cross Melrose and look to the side… The airport!”

On potential punishments for poor listening: “Maybe you’ll take away all the things I love.”

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