The Quotable Gabe, Part 6

On the empty dirt field: “What’s that? What’s that? Ooh! What’s that?”

On the color of the light coming through his curtain: “Black.”

On the color of the light through his curtains, reconsidered: “Regular.”

On 6 am requests: “Want some pretzels.”

On why his finger is up his nose: “Crispy rice in dere.”*

On pulling the blanket off Daddy at 6:15 on a Saturday morning: “All done sleeping!”

On being told we weren’t planning to wash his hair that night: “Yes, my do it for you.”

On the place he wants to go right now and is very grumpy that we’re not leaving for immediately: “Pizza port.”

On hiccups: “I’m burpy.”

On whether he’s a big boy: “No. In two months.”

*This was true.

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