The Quotable Abigail, Part 57

On sitting down with a pen and paper: “Item number one…”

On how she describes covering a sheets with asterisks: “Making asteroids.”

On her summary of my detailed explanation of how a whole pumpkin can be converted into a pie: “So we’re supposed to microwave it?”

On her potentially nefarious plan involving postcards: “All I need to do is wait. Wait for Gabe to awaken.”

On global warming: “What’s global Gorman?”

On unlawful search and seizure: “Didn’t I put a sign on my door that said Gabe and all of you guys to keep out when I’m gone?”

On backup plans: “Even if I don’t have a baby, I can go to the orphan and get one.”

On loud stadium crowds: “It’s better when just one person cheers.”

On teaching anatomy to her brother: “This one is called a clavicle. Can you says clavicle?”

On perhaps the worst indoor game ever: “How loud can YOU screech?”

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