The Quotable Gabe, Part 7

On the armadillo: “Dop-a-dop-a-demo.”

On being upset to be pulled away from our insect home invasion: “Want see ants all over the place!”

On his enthusiasm for Dad’s headwear: “I’m wear hat!”

On what flavor pancakes he wants: “Isaac.”

On evidence that he watches soccer with dad, shouted at a store: “USA! USA! USA!”

On the crescent moon: “Where’d other one moon go?”

On what’s in his milk cup: “It’s Isaac!”

On addressing a waiter who is clearing the other side of the table: “I’m all done, too.”

On Christmas carols, technically still accurate: “Frosty the snow man was a jolly happy snow.”

On why Santa is coming to our house: “To mix up our bowls.”

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